Just days shy of the Chilean star's birthday, the former Argentinean president says he plans to file for divorce

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 22, 2007

After seeing pictures of Cecilia Bolocco topless with another man, Carlos Menem wants to bring to a close the chapter of the life he once shared with the one-time Miss Universe. The 76-year-old former Argentinean president announced he will soon file papers to divorce the television host.

“Starting now [I will begin proceedings] because the fruit of our love is at stake,” Menem said in an interview with Argentinean newspaper Perfil, in a reference to Máximo, the 3 1/2 year old son he had with Bolocco. The former president added he does not foresee any problems divvying up the couple's assets. “She has her profession, her money from a long time ago, and I have mine,” he said.

News of an impending divorce didn't come at a good time for Bolocco, who celebrated her 42nd birthday Saturday with family and close friends. The couple was married in Argentina in 2001 and, according to Menem, after the birth of his son, Bolocco opted to settle in Chile while he remained in Argentina to focus on his political career. “It was a marriage that, in fact, no longer existed,” he explained.