Four years after the death of Eduardo Palomo, the musician speaks to us about his legacy, her new album and support from the fans

Por Natalia Bolívar/ NYC
Updated Octubre 31, 2007
Carina Ricco

Carina Ricco's third album Viaje Personal (Personal Journey) is just that: She experimented with new musical styles and created a record that reflects her personal experiences. Nov. 6 marks the four-year anniversary of her husband Eduardo Palomo's unexpected death. The singer opens up her heart exclusively to People en, and invites us to see and hear the first single, “Ángel y Demonio.”

How were you the day Eduardo passed away?
In the moment it happened, the last thing I wanted was to move on, I held on to the dreams and to everything El Flaco (Eduardo Palomo) and I would talk about, and I said “I have to keep giving.” There's a spiritual path that gives you another vision, and from the moment you consider yourself a spirit, that you're more than a body, there's a new perspective. The knowledge that there's something bigger helped me a lot.

How have Eduardo's fans supported you and your children, Fiona and Luca?
The fans have been very sweet and respectful. My children's birthdays were in October, and they made them a page on the internet where they wished them happy birthday and gave them a lot of love. El Flaco spread love, his goal was to send a transcendental message and do a lot for education, kids and drug rehabilitation. The fans felt that solidarity.

Listen to “Ángel y demonio”

Tell us a little bit about your new music. How is it different from the rest?
Viaje Personal is more of a rock album than the others; on it I experiment with a lot of sounds, play more with the mood, sounds, I put in chords. On a musical level, I wasn't concerned with making the chorus like a hook, and that gave me much more freedom as a composer.

Of the 13 songs, which one has the most emotion?
One of them is “Planeta Azul” because I added piano [to the track], and it came out like I wanted it. I also love “Ángel y demonio” because it's a very warm song. On a musical level, “No me dejes caer” is my favorite track, it's a profound song that I enjoy a lot on stage.

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Tell us about the title of the album. Are you experiencing a “personal journey”?
In life we're all on a personal journey and, in spite of what we experience with so many people, in the end we do this journey alone; we arrive alone and leave alone. I feel that we fill ourselves with experiences as we go, and this disc represents my personal journey. I observe it and create it in stories, my songs.

You recently brought one of Eduardo's plays to the stage. What can you tell us about that?
It's called Una pareja con Ángel, which El Flaco wrote in 1992, based on our experiences and a little about what Eduardo observed in human relationships. For it's beautiful to be in the presence of EL Flaco's work and know that and artist's work is timeless.