René Pérez Joglar says it's "stupid" that other nominees disagree with the duo's win
Calle 13

When Ivy Queen lost the Best Urban Album category to Calle 13 at the Latin GRAMMYs, she wasn't so sure about the choice. But René Pérez Joglar, the duo's frontman, defended the win while arriving at a press conference in Puerto Rico.

Ivy Queen didn't hide her disapproval for the Academy's choice: “There were a lot of rappers, and only one [group] was awarded, anyways, God bless them and protect them, and I hope they enjoy it.”

According to El Nuevo Día, other rappers have been calling Calle 13 the “Latin GRAMMY winners, but not the people's choice.”

Pérez Joglar, 29, disagreed with his colleagues' opinions: “It's stupid to say that, because the Academy that chooses the winners isn't a TV network or some random internet vote. The GRAMMY [Academy] isn't made up of a group of fans who can vote for you a million times.”

The singer added: “For me, the GRAMMYs is a really credible awards show, because they're given out by a group of people who are mostly musicians or understand music…And I can't believe that someone who wears bling worth thousands of dollars would say that she's of the people, while people in the pueblo are dying of hunger. Don't say that stuff, because it bothers me.”

For now, Pérez Joglar Residente and Eduardo Cabra Visitante are traveling through South America and are starting work on their next disc.