Plus: Enrique Iglesias makes his debut on American TV; Spider-Man 3 makes a killing at the box office
Calle 13
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The Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 is countering criticism from the Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic because the Rev. Manuel Ruiz, who has long worked with young artists from that denomination, is warning and asking the media not to play music that he says worships Satan, such as that of . Residente, 29, and Visitante, 28, in their latest album titled Visitante o Residente. The priest made the statement to Listín diario newspaper, pointing out that the song “El tango de pecado”(“The Tango of Sin”) is an open invitation to all those who want to join the Devil in Hell. He adds, “Don't be fools. By playing their songs, you're condemning yourselves.”

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias ventured into acting in the popular TV show Two And A Half Men (CBS), as Fernando, a Latino handyman hired by the star's brother. The singer told Mexican newspaper El Universal that he was thrilled because an episode had been written so he could participate: “I had a lot of fun. Charlie Sheen is a nice guy, a gentleman. I know that comedy is a hard genre, but they made me feel very comfortable. I love this show,” said the 32-year-old singer.

The movie Spider-Man 3 made $148 million in its first three days at U.S. theaters, surpassing the record set by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which last year took in $135.6 million, according to estimates published by movie studios. Overseas, ticket sales reached $227 million, bringing up the total amassed by the Sony Pictures production to $375 million. In just a few days, the film has earned $117 million in net revenues, after factoring in the $258 million invested in its production, according to the AP news agency.