The Colombian singer spoke in an exclusive interview with about his new album. Also, find out what he told us about the alleged love affair Juanes had with the woman who's now his wife, Johana Bahamón.

Por Yoselín Acevedo
Updated Agosto 01, 2008

For Cabas there are times when there's no place for formalities. This is why, when he came to New York to promote his new disc, Amores difíciles, rather than interview him in our office, as we normally do with celebrities who visit us, we went out for a cold drink with the Colombian singer at an outdoor restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

While we enjoyed the pleasant summer weather in the Big Apple, the 31-year-old musician talked to us about this new album and told us about his difficult love affairs. Find out what he has to say about the alleged rivalry between him and Juanes, who, rumor has it, had an affair with Cabas' current wife, the Colombian actress and model, Johana Bahamón, whom Cabas married on November 6, 2007.

What have you been up to in the last couple of years?
Well, tours. I did a tour from Africa to Japan. I did a lot of concerts, produced soundtracks for movies, but didn't do any recordings.

What is “Amores difíciles” about?
Amores difíciles means everyone has a love story, everyone tells love tales, and I'm interested in those tales and in telling my own stories that people can relate to. They may be difficult, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they're bad stories. What it means is that they're stories that resemble a film. We all have film-like stories. So, Amores difíciles is like a soundtrack of relationships, love affairs, feelings.

Who is the song “Bonita” dedicated to?
To all the beauties of the universe. I don't like to get personal with my songs. It's a song that I gave people so that they could dedicate it to their own beauties. It doesn't mean that there is a unique beauty in the world. Obviously, I have my own beauty. In my case, my beauty is my wife, Johana.

Click here to listen to “Bonita”

This is the number one song in Colombia. How do you feel about this kind of reception from your people?
Well, I love it because it's nice to have the support of your own people. It means you're doing something that makes them proud. Besides, it's a country with artists at the top of the music industry. So it's not just being on top in a particular country, but in a country where there is a strong competition and whose artists are icons and stars worldwide. This gives the recognition double validity.

Which song do you relate to most in the album?
There's one titled “He pecado” (I have sinned), which talks about how we get outta control with one love affair, a relationship, and we end up doing things that don't make us proud. And then we ask ourselves: “How could I ever do something like that?” And the answer is: “I was in love.” It's a heartbreaking song, part bolero and part son rhythm, full of the Caribbean. I love the cadence. It's more human than artistic. You don't hear many human songs nowadays. It's a song that any person could write in a moment of reflection.

How much truth is there in your alleged rivalry with Juanes?
We've always gotten along well. There has always been a cordial relationship with a lot of respect. It bothers me that people keep insisting that we have a problem or something.

But you know that last year, when he separated from his wife Karen, there were rumors that he was dating Johana, who was your girlfriend at the time. That's why we ask.
The truth is that in all the time I've been with Johana, long before these rumors you're telling me about, I have always seen Juanes as a person, not the musician nor the Juanes I see on television. I only hear [rumors] in the media. Which means it's not true. I separate those two things. That's why I don't understand it when they ask me if I have a rivalry with Juanes. How can I have a rivalry with Juanes? He is like a brother to me, a person I love. Yet they associate him with Johana and that's what I don't understand. Just because they were photographed in a bar they were dating? Colombia is a very small place. All I can say is that I've never looked at this issue like that. I am a noble person and it's not part of my personality. I'm not going to talk about this issue anymore because I've never been this way. I have made news with my music and I will never take advantage of any situation to generate more press. It's sad to see how people are more interested in this kind of thing than in a musical album. I'll never be part of that.