The singer got into a fender bender on a Los Angeles highway; no one was injured

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 14, 2008

Britney Spears is doing fine after causing a minor car accident Saturday night in Los Angeles. The singer bumped her white Mercedes into another vehicle while driving on the highway, a fender bender that set off multiple collisions, reports.

According to the accident report, the incident took place at 8:18 p.m., Pacific Time. “The collision occurred when the driver of the Mercedes, driving in the #3 lane, in stop and go traffic failed to observe the vehicle directly ahead of her come to a complete stop. She attempted to brake but failed to stop her vehicle prior to colliding into the rear of the Nissan [in front of her],” the statement reads. The Nissan then reportedly impacted with another car in front of it.

Despite the commotion caused by the accident, no one was injured. Hours later, Spears, 26, went out to dinner at an exclusive West Hollywood restaurant with her mother Lynne. But Britney didn't drive this time – her bodyguards did.