In an exclusive interview with NBC's Dateline, the singer spoke about her role as mother, her marriage and her problems with the paparazzi.
Britney Spears
Credit: Getty Images

Britney Spears opted to face up to it and speak on television. In an exclusive interview with NBC's Dateline program, she referred to the criticism that she has received on her role as mother, the rumors about a marital breakup and her relationship with the paparazzi.

Regarding a blow to the head that her son, Sean Preston, suffered after falling from a chair, the singer pointed out that when she took him to the hospital emergency room, the doctors didn't treat her well. “The doctors acted very strange. I don't want to say what they did or what they said, but it was very bad,” she concluded after stating that her son has given her the greatest joy in life and that she wants him to have as normal a life as possible. “I'm not perfect, I am a human being and human beings make mistakes,” she added.

Regarding her marriage with Kevin Federline, Spears indicated that they are doing very well. “He is like a child. He worries a lot. His heart is incredible. He has a huge heart, and that is what I love,” she stated, denying the fact the aspiring rapper has left the home they share. During the interview, the artist burst into tears on several occasions, especially when she was asked what message she would send to the paparazzi. “You have children at home, you have a wife, and even if you don't, you should understand that we are people and need privacy and respect; that is something that every human being should have,” she concluded.