Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite in Baby Mama

Por Natalia de Ory / Peopleenespanol.com
Updated Abril 24, 2008
Credit: Universal Pictures

Saturday Night Live fans rejoice! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are back together in the new comedy Baby Mama from first-time director Michael McCullers. The comedic duo is at the top of their game playing two women who embark on a nine-month journey through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Fey is Kate Holbrook, a smart, successful and single 37-year-old woman whose personal life has been put on hold while on her rise to the top. Then comes the realization that something is missing–a baby. Unmarried and unable to have a child of her own, Kate turns to a surrogacy center for help. Enter Angie Ostrowiski (Poehler), who upon agreeing to be Kate's surrogate moves in with her for the duration of the pregnancy. A comedic battle of wills ensues between Kate's structured lifestyle and Angie's more free-spirited philosophies as they are faced with everything from pre-natal classes to baby-proofing the apartment.

This charming comedy also handles the more serious issues well proving that Ms. Fey and Ms. Poehler are not just fine comediennes, they are bona fide actresses.