Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Abril 04, 2016
Janet Jones
Credit: Courtesy of Janet Jones

Cuban-Dominican Janet Jones from Miami is changing the way women do cardio.

The former Miami Heat dancer and backup dancer for artists like Jennifer Lopez left her passion behind to enter Corporate America and start a family. She soon realized that she was disconnecting with her creativity, which led her to depression. Jones was able to pick herself up, reconnect with her talent, and Vixen was created.

With 50,000 women in the #VixenArmy, including in the Dominican Republic and Canada, Jones is just getting started.

So what is Vixen Workout? It's a women's only class that delievers a club-like atmosphere with easy-to-learn dance moves to provide a full body workout while having a good time. With just one class of 60 minutes, vixen's can expect to burn 400-600 calories. Women are encouraged to feel confident and let loose.

The classes have spurred big changes for the women who attend. Janet shares how she was approached by a woman after an event who was going through a divorce and was diagnosed with breast cancer. “She admitted to wanting to give up on life. A friend of hers dragged her to a Vixen class and said that the way she felt after class was her reason for wanting to live,” said Jones.

And as the #VixenArmy spreads, so do plans for expansion. Up next: Holland and Puerto Rico, Jones says.

If Vixen Army isn't in your area and you need that inspiration to workout, Janet suggests, “I make new playlists for my personal workouts as well as for Vixen classes. New music is always a great motivator to workout.”

Find out more about Vixen Army and check out vixenworkout.com or the hashtag #VixenArmy.