The Mexican actor will wed his Argentinean girlfriend next year and explained that his Miami pseudo-wedding was just a photo shoot

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 10, 2007
Bobby Larios y Daniela Mogetti

Love is in the air for Bobby Larios, who announced that he and his Argentinean girlfriend Daniela Eva Mogetti will wed in 2008.

“Next year there will definitely be a wedding. It's a planned wedding and not just some run-of-the-mill event. We really have a fantastic relationship. We're having a good time, there's communication, friendship, love. Every day we get to know each other more and more,” the 39-year-old actor told La oreja (Televisa), without adding any more details about the ceremony.

The Mexican star also explained that he and his fiancé did not marry in a symbolic ceremony on a Miami beach, as previously reported. He said that the photos were taken a week or two before his ex-wife Niurka Marcos got married, and were just part of a photo shoot for a magazine that happened to publish them the week that Marcos wed. “I never thought…that they would hold them, then publish them when Niurka got married,” he said.

Larios denied being in competition with his ex and assured that he's not getting involved with her business. “Obviously everyone can think that it was a rivalry or some sort of competition. That has nothing to do with it…her life is something that no longer concerns me. My life is separate…For me, now it's about my respect for Dany and my relationship.”