In an exclusive interview, the reggaeton performers tell us that they are back and determined to be among those at the top of the genre. Listen to their single "Déjame conocerte" here.

Por Andrés Martínez Tutek / NYC
Updated Julio 29, 2008
Baby Rasta y Gringo
Credit: cortesía:Nevarez PR

When there is love, there will always be reconciliation. That's exactly what happened to Samuel Gerena and Wilmer Alicea, better known as Baby Rasta and Gringo, two young reggaeton performers who, after three years of being separated–when their fans thought that a reunion was short of impossible–they've reappeared, charged with maturity, motivation, and the will to succeed.

The Puerto Rican singers, who seemed to be destined to perform together, were both born on the same day of July 3, 1978 on that little island down south. They spoke with People En about their lives, their quarrels, their dreams and the new disc they're launching this month with the single “Déjame conocerte”, which we present here.

Gringo, how did you decide to get back together after three years of separation?
Well, although Baby released a solo CD and I did too, the public kept asking when we were going to be back together. We didn't speak to each other due to problems with the label and third parties who prompted our breakup. But a year ago there was this Los Benjamin concert in Puerto Rico, and Baby Rasta went to my house, we met and we agreed to let bygones be bygones, and we made it a point to pack the concert to silence those who were questioning our talent and making fun of us because we had disappeared. We wanted to make a lot of noise there, and that was the beginning of our comeback. So, here we are, ready for success, with more hits than ever.

And you, Baby Rasta, what led you to make that first move to connect with Gringo again?
Look, the truth is that I wasn't thinking of patching up with Gringo, but the issue had been that many individuals had added fuel to the fire with their innuendos and I had taken it too personal. So, I just gathered enough courage to go and talk to Gringo directly and tell him flat out: “Look, I need you in the concert of Los Benjamin.” It was our moment to show what we're capable of, and that's why it turned out to be such a big night. There were many who didn't think we'd come out like we did. And there were still a few sharks willing to spoil the moment.

Gringo, what prompted you to say yes?
Well, we put aside our disagreements and, though there was no sudden trust, I said to myself: “Why not? Why not give ourselves this second chance?” We've known each other since we were kids, since we were nobodies and were running around in our bicycles. So, we talked, and we agreed not to let it all end simply because there were certain people badmouthing us, creating problems and pushing us against each other. And here we are.

So what have you got, Gringo?
We now have our first single out there. It's cool and a hit in Venezuela, in Puerto Rico and other places in Latin America besides U.S. It's titled “Déjame conocerte” and people can listen to it right here in It's something more romantic and, as usual, talks about girls and it's a tribute to them.

Click here to listen to “Déjame conocerte”

And what else is on the disc, Baby Rasta?
Well, there's another song titled “Mami desnúdate” (Baby, undress). It's a hot theme, really cool and erotic that was arranged as reggaeton, but I can't talk about it here because it might be too strong.

You can talk about anything here. Tell us more.
Oh, okay. Well, the song talks about women's sexuality. It's a message telling the woman to get acquainted, to let us get to know each other better, and to not be shy. What we really say is, “Turn loose, baby, let go.”

Talk a little about your goals and dreams now that you're back together…
We want to continue working hard and in an organized way to be among those at the top, and continue pleasing the many faithful fans that, thank God, we have. The breakup made us grow up and changed the way we think and see life. We're not the same kids anymore. Now, even if we quarrel, we'll keep on working because we have a commitment to an audience and a following. This is reality and there is no way around it.

Baby Rasta, what message do you have for the fans of
Look, what I have to say is that there will be Baby Rasta and Gringo for a long time. There will be many more albums, and my message is to stay away from drugs or pills because that stuff is not for you.