Little Katalina Nahum Spanic was born with no complications
Daniela Spanic
Credit: Cortesía Yolanda Huerta

Actress and model Daniela Spanic, 33, welcomed Katalina Nahum Spanic to the world on Nov. 24, according to a press release from her spokesperson, Yolanda Huerta.

Despite Spanic's previous health obstacles, the little girl arrived with no medical problems. The new mom and her husband, Ademar Nahum, are enjoying the first days with their daughter.

In July, the Venezuelan actress suffered a stroke that put her in a coma, which of course caused for worry about the health of her unborn baby.

According to the show La oreja (Televisa), the Nahum Spanic family will offer a press conference this Monday to share the details of Katalina's birth with their fans and the media.