Daniel Smith died after ingesting a lethal combination of drugs

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 11, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith
Credit: getty images

Autopsy results for the deceased son of Anna Nicole Smith reveal that Daniel Smith died after a dangerous combination of drugs made its way through his system, reports E! Online.

Pathologist Govinda Raju said that the 20-year-old had consumed more than eight different drugs on the day he died, and that a lethal mixture of Methadone and antidepressants Zoloft and Lexapro ultimately killed the Playboy model's son just five hours after the medication entered his body. The same drug combination took his mother's life on Feb. 8 in Florida.

Smith's son died on Sept. 10, 2006 in the Bahamas, just two days after his mother gave birth to her daughter Dannielynn. Raju also said that there were bruises on the young man's body, but that they could have resulted from the doctors' efforts to revive him.