A Dominican Republic authorities investigates the suit against Fernando Del Rincón

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 17, 2008
Carmen Dominicci
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/WIRE IMAGE

Dominican Republic authorities have begun an investigation following Univision anchor Carmen Dominicci's claim, against her ex husband Fernando Del Rincón for a domestic violence incident that occurred last June at a hotel where the two were staying for a wedding celebration.

“We're in the initial phases of this case…we're interviewing witnesses who were at Casa de Campo de La Romana”, said investigator Roxana Reyes, who confirmed that the anchor filed a report last October.

Once all the information is collected, the Public Ministry will decide if the evidence is serious and sufficient enough to make a case.

Last week, during the show Al rojo vivo (Telemundo), Carmen Dominicci publicly denounced her ex husband for domestic violence, saying that, as a result of his drinking, he threw her against the wall after an argument they had.