She couldn't attend the concert, but the Colombian singer sent her support to Juanes, his friends and the people of her country

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 17, 2008
Credit: SONY/BMG

Shakira sent a message to the media and to Juanes and other artists, who performed Sunday on the Colombia-Venezuela border in a concert to promote peace in the region.

The following is a translation of the message in English:
“As a Colombian I am so relieved to know that the border relations between our countries have gone back to normal, and I hope with all of my heart that this is a lasting peace for everyone.”
“Regretfully, it is impossible for me to attend the event, and I am saddened that I can't be there on Sunday, but I want to send a huge hug to the organizers and those who came up with the idea, like Juanes, Julio Sánchez Cristo and to all the media that have been wholeheartedly supporting the event.”
“I wish them a great concert. I'll be here wearing white, accompanying you, and know that my Colombian heart is with you today and always, above any impossibility and border.”

Clic here to listen to Shakira's message in Spanish