The Colombian singer/songwriter talks to about his new album. Listen to his new song, "Enrédame"

Por Andrés Martínez / NYC
Updated Mayo 27, 2008
Credit: Pablo García

Fonseca is back with a new disc, entitled Gratitud, in which the 28-year-old Bogota native celebrates his good fortune and shares his heart through his compositions, giving thanks to life, his parents, and everyone who's aided his latest musical effort: “I have to give thanks because all of this has been really cool, and I've learned that when you've got a dream, you have to follow it until you make it a reality.”

Wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and exuding an undeniable air of coolness, the “Te mando flores” singer talked with us, and made it crystal clear that if he's blessed with talent, he's all the more so because of his charm, charisma and personality.

Click here to listen to “Enrédame”!

What's new with Fonseca?
Well, we're releasing our third album, Gratitud including the single “Enrédame” which took us three years to complete, after Corazón, which gave us a lot of recognition around here.

What inspired the album's title?
It's the same title as a paseo vallenato and when we were thinking about what to call the album, we thought that was the best option, 'cause I'm one of those people who thinks that in life you should always be grateful for things and it's always good to give thanks.

And what do you feel grateful for?
Well, a lot of things. I think I have to thank life for letting me do what I love to do. Also the people who have shared my dreams on this project, because it doesn't only belong to me, it's a collaboration. And my parents.

What kinds of new musical elements are you working with, specifically with “Corazón”?
My previous work was really cool, but with this album, I'm reconnecting with pop­, like the song that I wrote for the movie Paraíso Travel, and I enjoyed going back to that sound. Here, although the accordion still takes center stage, I started to give the guitars some of the spotlight.

What's your creative process like, and what inspires your songs?
Everything I create always comes from personal experiences that eventually turn into songs. Sometimes a melody comes to mind and it inspires me to write the lyrics or there's a phrase that I'm inspired to write music for to express what I want. It's like a need I have to release whatever I'm feeling inside.

And do you have a specific timetable that you follow to do that?
No, no, no, no, I need things to flow naturally. I hate sitting down and saying ‘Well, let's compose something.' That doesn't work for me. But I do need music as an outlet for my feelings, so just like many have a diary to write down their experiences, I need to arrange songs to share them and that's why I always carry a little tape recorder where I por my thoughts into, so that I won't forget. Later I'll listen to them, and a song will come to mind–that's how it happened with “Enrédame”– while I leave others percolating and work on them later.