PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL's July edition includes an exclusive interview with the Mexican actress, where she talks about her life with son Miguelito, her desire to have more children and her return to television. Will she star in any more soap operas?

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 02, 2008
Credit: Cortesía de la revista People En Español

After almost three years away from the public eye, Aracely Arámbula returns more radiant and confident than ever. The 33-year-old Mexican actress posed for PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL's lens during an exclusive photo shoot. Although she appears to live in a hermetic circle of privacy, surrounded by an aura of mystery characteristic of her son's father Luis Miguel, the green-eyed beauty talked to us openly about bringing her son Miguelito into the world, her new facet as a mom and her desire to have more children.

“I enjoyed my belly. I used to say: ‘I'll never have this belly again. It's unique, it's the belly [that holds] my son,” the actress, better known as La Chule, says about her pregnancy, during which she gained only 11 pounds. “I used to massage it, hug it and sing to it.” Even though she had a natural birth, she admits she was not nervous when the big day came. “I was really happy on the day he was born, like it was a party,” she remembered with excitement. “If you ask me: ‘Would you do this all over again?,' I would be thrilled to”.

The star of Abrázame muy fuerte also talked about her new role as a mother. “I'm happy, enjoying this new facet as a mom. I don't want to miss a single moment. Seeing my son smile recharges me with energy to keep fighting.” The proud mom also said she would like to have more children: “I would love for my son to have someone to play and share with. He will have this company when the time is right.”

When it comes to her personal life, Arámbula –who is still wearing the huge shiny diamond ring Luis Miguel gave her two years ago– says she is “very happy, better than ever, I can't ask God for more. I have work, I have love, I have my family. I have it all.” However, the actress claimed she would not return to the soap opera world any time soon, as this would require the sacrifice of devoting 100 percent of her time to it. Instead, the talented Arámbula will share her experiences as a first-time mom and help make the dreams of viewers come true in the new TV show “Viva la familia! de todobebé“, which will air this summer on Univisión.

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