Leonardo -who was recently operated- will be released from the hospital this Wednesday, but will have to follow strict doctors' orders during his recovery

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 14, 2008

After spending various days at a hospital in Mexico City, Leonardo Arámbula, the brother and manager of actress Aracely Arámbula, will be released and continue his recovery from home, as reported on Televisa's TV show La oreja.

Gonzalo Vega, Leonardo's doctor, confirmed his patient would be released today from the Ángeles del Pedregal medical unit where he was operated earlier. The doctor clarified that Leonardo had not had a brain surgery per se.

Vega explained that the tumor had not been extracted from Leonardo's brain, but from the connective tissue layer enveloping the brain called the meninges. The doctor added that Leonardo will be released from the hospital, but will still have certain restrictions. He is forbidden to do any physical labor or business travel during his recovery.

Leonardo had an emergency surgery last Thursday and ever since, the Arámbula family has been by his side, supporting him in his recovery.