At New York Fashion Week, the actress told style expert Rodner Figueroa that her relationship with the singer has evolved

Por People Staff
Updated Febrero 05, 2008

Despite rumors that they're thinking about breaking up, Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula continue to live out a storybook romance. At least that's what the 32-year-old actress told Rodner Figueroa, Univisión's style expert, at the Carolina Herrera show during New York's Fashion Week. And Rodner told us all about it…

How did Aracely look?
Aracely looked very slim and beautiful. She's still the simple girl I met years back. She's not pretentious at all. She was radiant, her happiness seemed genuine to me, through and through.

Is she happy with her family life?
She's happy to be a mother, always chasing after Miguelito, who's already a year and four months. She says she and Luis Miguel have evolved, that things have changed for the better.

Did she say anything about rumors concerning Luis Miguel and Argentinean model Luciana Salazar?
She doesn't want to waste her time sorting through rumors; she's focused on her family life. She told me that she, Luis Miguel and Miguelito are connected by an umbilical cord.