Apple is replacing the deadly revolver emoji for a much friendlier and harmless water gun.
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Credit: Cortesía de Apple (2)

Amid growing concerns over gun control in response to recent mass shootings in the U.S., Apple has decided to replace the deadly pistol emoji for a much friendlier and harmless water gun option instead.

The serious-looking black and silver revolver will be exchanged for a more playful green and orange squirt gun this September, changing the tone of the emoji completely. While Apple's official statement did not directly address this replacement and focused on their other additions like the gender diverse extension and a rainbow flag in support of the LGBQT community, they did say that the update included “beautiful redesigns of popular emoji.”

During the past few years, the controversial emoji has caused some trouble. Last year, it was reported that a 12-year-old was charged with a felony and fined after using the revolver emoji in an Instagram post that police officials said amounted to a death threat. Additionally, a teenager was arrested in 2015 over a tweet that allegedly threatened the police with the gun emoji. However, will replacing an emoji really make a difference?

Even though Apple is getting rid of the pistol, the emoji will still be available on Samsung phones and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. And while Apple's decision is a great one, they're certainly not the first ones to jump on the anti-gun emoji wagon. Microsoft has been using a toy gun icon for years, and its Buzz Lightyear vibes with lightning bolts on its side make it very friendly indeed.

Considering that this change is coming at a time where gun control is being widely debated amongst our presidential candidates, we want to know what you think as well. Comment below and let us know!