The actress told CNN that she and Brad Pitt plan to add a new member to their clan
Angelina Jolie
Credit: getty images

Angelina Jolie wants to see her family grow. After giving birth to her first biological daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt in Namibia last month, the actress admitted during the first interview given to the US press after her childbirth, on CNN¡|s Anderson Cooper 360,,a, that she plans to adopt again.

“We shall adopt,” the protagonist of Mr. and Mrs. Smith confessed. ¡Â§We don¡|t know yet from which –which country it will be– but we are considering different countries,” she told Cooper.

Jolie is the adoptive mother of Maddox, who is 4 years old and was born in Cambodia, and Zahara, the one year old she adopted in Ethiopia in 2005. ¡Â§[Our recent child], will bring a balance, which is the best thing right now for Mad and Z,¡¨ said Jolie about the new member of the family. ¡Â§As you already know, it will be a boy or a girl, from a country, a race that will fit well with the children,¡¨ she assured.

During the interview, the 31 year old actress admitted that Brad Pitt, her current partner and Shiloh¡|s father, was present during the birth; again she praised the work done by the medical team that assisted during the childbirth, and admitted that she donates a third of her income to charities. The interview, which is part of the programming dedicated to World Refugee Day, will be broadcast this Tuesday at 10 pm, Eastern Time.