For the first time, the actress reveals how her romance began with Brad Pitt

This was the first time Angelina Jolie talked openly about her romance with Brad Pitt, the romance that shook public opinion in 2005 and that ended the actor's five-year marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

The Oscar winning actress told Vogue magazine in the January issue that they met during the shooting of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2003 and shortly thereafter began discovering that they had many things in common. “I think the last thing either of us was looking for was a relationship,” assured Jolie.

By the end of the filming, she and Pitt became “very good friends.” The bomb dropped after that, when in January 2005 Pitt announced that he was divorcing his wife, who Angelina, the star of the recently premiered The Good Shepherd, described as Pitt's “best friend.” According to Jolie, the months that followed were not as “thrilling as many might think.” Since both took a long time analyzing what they each wanted out of life. “[In the end] we realized that we both wanted very similar things.” The couple shares a great passion for, among other things, planes, travel, motorcycle rides and humanitarian causes.

By that time, Jolie had already adopted her son Maddox, and who acted to seal the bond between both stars. “[One day], out of nowhere, Maddox called him [Pitt] Daddy.” “We were playing with toy cars in a hotel when both of us heard him. We didn't say anything – we just looked at each other. Maybe that was the key moment, when we decided to become a family.”

Jolie declared that she would like to get together with Aniston someday, Pitt's ex-wife, “but it would be up to her and I would be grateful to her [if she did].” The sensual actress also holds fast on her decision not to marry Pitt: We are both legally committed to our children, not with one another, and I think that is the most important.