The ugliest beauty on Mexican television, Lety Padilla, will come face to face with Betty Suárez (América Ferrera)

Por María Morales
Updated Abril 16, 2007
Angelica Vale
Credit: Televisa

They share the same look: bushy eyebrows, braces, glasses and outfits that frankly don't do a thing for them.

And now, Leticia Padilla Solís, from the Mexican novela La Fea Más Bella (Univision) and Betty Suárez, from ABC's Ugly Betty, will also share the spot light when actresses Angélica Vale and América Ferrera unite their alter egos in an upcoming episode of the popular U.S. television series.

“I'm so moved because it's the first time in all the versions of Betty that the two of them will be together,” gushes Mexican actress Angelica Vale, 31, to Peopleenespañ She's referring to her character, Lety, and all the versions of her who have popped up all over the world following the runaway success of the original Colombian novela Yo Soy Betty, la Fea.

“Obviously, had they told me ‘You're going on the Austrian version', well, yes, I would have been excited too. But it's not the same as going on the American version.”

On Ugly Betty, which is produced by fellow Mexican actress Salma Hayek, Lety and Betty will meet when the latter goes to visit her family in Mexico. The episode will be taped in Los Angeles next week, and Vale is beside herself with joy… and nerves. “I'm scared to death, excited, all at once,” she says smiling. “It's wonderful. It's going to be a lot of fun.”