In the July edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL the actress dishes about her plans and her self-deprecating acceptance of who she really is: "I'm thinking of growing a moustache"

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 06, 2007
Angelica Vale julio 2007 cover

In an exclusive photo shoot and interview for PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, Angélica Vale shows off her new look and reveals childhood traumas she has been able to overcome thanks to her role as Leticia Padilla on the Univisión novela La Fea Más Bella.

“I was just like Lety, I didn't love myself one bit,” Vale tells the magazine, referring to her low self-esteem as a little girl.

Part of her trauma, she said, stemmed from feeling like an ugly duckling.

“People would tell me ‘Oh, she doesn't look like her mother,' and I never saw my dad as being pretty,” she confesses.

Now, the 31-year-old actress explains how her role in La Fea Más Bella served, in a way, as therapy to help her leave behind those bad childhood memories.

“You wouldn't believe the love affair I'm having with myself right now,” Vale says. The actress also confesses that the deep feelings she has for Mexican actor Jaime Camil are nothing more than a strong friendship. “There is chemistry between us, of course there is,” Vale says of her co-star in La Fea Más Bella. “We're like brother and sister; we've known each other our whole lives.” And even though she swears she's not looking for a boyfriend at the moment, she jokes about her hairy alter ego: “Lety found her two beaus, and because of that, I'm seriously considering growing a moustache”.

After enjoying some well-deserved R&R, Vale is planning to do movies in both Mexico and the U.S. She's already had her English-language television debut on the ABC hit Ugly Betty, marking the first time that two versions of the same character share the small screen.

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