The actress goes home to Mexico to play Sandy in the play she first performed 20 years ago

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 19, 2007

Following Angélica Vale's success in the Univisión novela La Fea Más Bella, the actress is ready to return to stage in Mexico with Grease, the musical in which she performed as a young girl.

Julissa, the play's producer, told Televisa Espectáculos that it's the same staging in which the successful actress worked 20 years ago as a kid, costarring with Julissa's son Alejandro Ibarra, who played her love interest, Danny.

Julissa, who is also the mother of singer Benny Ibarra, spoke about the image changes the 31-year-old actress will undergo to perform the main role in the play.

“She will get (hair) extensions so she can wear a ponytail and she'll be a perfect Sandy,” Julissa said. “We have a meeting on Sunday, we'll do the official photo. On Tuesday she will record her voice for the CD, and I hope we'll have enough time to put together the stage design.”

Opening night for Grease will be in early July and it's unclear how long it will run. It will depend on its success and the on Vale's schedule, the musical's producer said. Vale is the daughter of actress and singer Angélica Maria.