The reggaeton duo admit they'll have to go off their diet to enjoy the holiday season

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 20, 2007

According to Angel and Khriz, the secret to having a good time is an irresistible tropical rhythm to get everyone on the dance floor. The musical duo, better known as Los M.V.P.'s of reggaeton, are finishing up the year with the success of their hit “Carito de Ángel,” and are revving up for the launch of their new disc, Angel y Khriz Showtime.

We were lucky enough to chat with Angel, 27, and Khriz, 26, about their favorite Puerto Rican Christmas traditions.

How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?
Khriz: Celebrating together like all Puerto Ricans, always partying. We go from house to house. We're really close. We're homebodies here, and Christmastime is when we are the most. It's a really beautiful time. The celebration can't get here fast enough because we want to eat everything that's in our friends' refrigerators.

What do Angel and Khriz eat during the holidays?
Angel: Well…We've been in the gym and dieting lately, but I think we're going to have to break the rules and start eating lots of pork with rice and peas.

What do you want from Santa this year?
Khriz: I have an X-Box that Angel gave me, so if I get games for it, I'll be happy. When we're on tour, I have a special backpack I transport it in. Angel laughs because he sees me with the bag getting it all ready.
Angel: I think for me, it'd have to be a video game system too. All my friends are crazy about it, and I'm the only one who doesn't have one.
Khriz: I got it!

Any New Year's traditions?
Khriz: I don't, but our moms throw an ice cube on the street so that it takes all the negative things from the year with it.