She used the press as a vehicle to plead that her ex-husband come back to his family in Mexico

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 17, 2008
Anel Norena

Anel reached out to her ex-husband José José by means of the press, begging him to leave everything in Miami and come back to her and their two children in Mexico. She expressed that she doesn't want to see him suffering alongside his new wife Sara Salazar, Televisa Espectáculos reports.

“I want to ask you to leave everything, leave that woman, come back to your family, your house, your Mexico, so you can get back that happiness and to being that kind person,” Anel pleaded to her former spouse, with whom she's had a rocky relationship since their separation.

The Mexican singer currently lives in the United States with his new family, a situation Anel describes as “bad.” “He's letting himself die, I don't know what's happening there, but Sarita isn't important. I'm talking about him here.”

“We don't have anything in the house, but all of us in the house work and we love you a lot. Leave it all. Risk losing it all and save yourself,” the ex-model begged. José José, whose real name is José Romulo Sosa Ortiz has two children with Anel, José Joel, better known as Pepe, and Marisol. He and Salazar have a child named Sarita.

The relationship between the ballad idol and his ex-wife went downhill even more when Anel confessed that she tried to kill herself and her two kids as a result of the breakup. José José responded, saying that a shameless woman is capable of doing anything to hurt an ex.

All the family dilemmas are included in Anel's book Volcán apagado and in the singer's upcoming autobiography with his version of the situation.