The Dominican singer talks to us about the new edition of her album, her new look, plans for surgery and...a wedding!

Talented, energetic and even controversial are just some of the characteristics that define Anaís, who's currently promoting the luxury edition of her album Con todo mi corazón, which includes merengue, salsa, reggaeton and dance rhythms. In the new version, the Dominican singer will sing “Como tu mujer” and “Sin él,” from Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solís, who shared the stage with the 23-year-old artist during his most recent concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The artist spoke exclusively with about the new music production – which includes a DVD with two videos – and her new image.

What's your favorite song from this CD and why?
“Fue un placer”…it's really intense…very sentimental. I dedicate it to a very special person who's already passed on to another world, with God…mi [stepbrother], who was like a brother to me, and they took his life.

Who is Anaís, the woman?
I'm passionate, clingy; sometimes I'm too much so and I prefer to keep distance, because when you're like that, you end up getting hurt. I've very sentimental, but I also have a strong character…I'm very liberal and a lot of people don't understand that.

You've gained weight over the last few months, and the media have commented on it. Does that bother you?
I let what they say roll off me. If they love me, they should love me as an artist. I'm currently in treatment to lose weight, but [I do it] because I like to look thin, not for anyone else. The comments bother me because what that makes me do is eat more. I'm like a rude kid, the more you tell me not to do something, the more I want to do it. There are a lot of fake artists… I don't want to be like that, I'm natural.

So, you wouldn't have any surgery done…
Of course I would. [In fact], I'm going to do it. Adding something is one thing and taking it out is another. It's fake if you add to yourself. I've got plenty, and I'm just going to take it out. I'm going to do liposuction on my stomach and thighs, because my problem is from the waist downward.

When's the operation?
God willing, in less than two months. I'm not sure because right now the album comes first.

You seem calmer, less controversial and more well-spoken. Have you matured as a person?
It's still a little rough, but I am calmer. Now I'm trying to get better. I've refined myself, and I did it because I understand that there are people who follow you because you're an example. After my first CD, I learned a lot. And I've still got a lot to learn.

We know you've got a boyfriend. When are you getting married?
God willing, next summer. My boyfriend's name is Rubén, he's older than me and we've already been together for four years. But for now my career is the focus.