The condition was brought on by stress. The Las dos caras de Ana actress will undergo lifelong treatment

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 20, 2008
getty images reports that Ana Layevska has been disgnosed with hyperthyroidism, and according to the website, the actress will have to spend the rest of her life treating this condition.

“Yes, they discovered a problem with hyperthyroidism in September-October of last year, when I was having very strong heart palpitations. I'm undergoing treatment that, sadly, will last my whole life. I keep changing from hyper to hypo[thyroidism], up and down,” the Russian 26-year-old said, after explaining that she sensed something was wrong while she was exercising. “I realized in the gym that my heart was beating at 180, 190 [beats per minute], which is a lot. I thought it was normal. I hadn't been feeling well, but I didn't know why I was feeling that way,” she added.

Although Layevska doesn't know why she got sick, she fears it might have been a result of over-working herself. “I think it came from excessive stress,” she said after explaining how hyperthyroidism affects her body. “The thyroid is a gland that, in my case, is three times bigger that normal and produces more than normal amounts of thyroid hormone. As a result, my metabolism and my body have to work three times as hard.” Take care of yourself!