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The Mexican actress exclusively told that someone on Facebook is posing as her, and it's starting to cause her problems

August 20, 2008 01:00 PM

Actress Ana de la Reguera is starting to get really annoyed at an impostor on Facebook who has been posing as Reguera, and even sending messages using her name.

In an exclusive interview, the star of Capadocia (HBO Latino) said “The worst thing is that on Facebook there isn’t only one Ana de la Reguera, but four, with my picture and everything. But one of them has been sending messages as if she were me,” said the 31-year-old actress, who admitted that some of her colleagues have been put off by crass messages and insults they’ve received in her name on Facebook chat.

“None of them are me. I don’t even belong to Facebook. I don’t have a profile!” said the Paraíso travel actress.

The person who purports to be her on Facebook has 215 friends, and within them, there are various celebrity names, including Irán Castillo, Geraldine Bazán, Fernando Carrillo, Nailea Norvind and even the clown Cepillín.

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