The "Whine Up" singer gives us a sneak peek at her new song. Check it out!
Kat DeLuna
Credit: SONY/BMG

On the heels of her top 20 hit, “Whine up,” 19-year-old Kat DeLuna follows up with her latest single, “Am I dreaming?” out next week.


Am I Dreaming?

The song will also be released in Spanish as “Como un sueño” and appear on de Luna's new CD, 9 Lives, released Aug. 7 and featuring a mix of hip-hop, R&B, merengue and dance music.

Born in the Bronx and raised in the Dominican Republic until she was 9, de Luna got an early jump on songwriting. When she was the same age she wrote, “Estoy Triste” (or “I'm Sad”), inspired by her parents'divorce.

At 15, she met the person who would later be her mentor, Cuban salsero, Rey Ruiz.

“He told me: ‘nobody knows you better than you know yourself and nobody can help you if you can't help yourself.” That encounter, said the singer, inspired her to put more of herself in her songs.