A radio show claims that Eduardo Santamarina, not Renato, is the real father of her child.

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 07, 2008
reforma vía newscom

In the past, Eduardo Santamarina and Susana González were the stars of the soap Velo de novia (Wedding Veil). Now, the estranged couple, star in a new melodrama, but this time, it's not fiction. Santamarina, 39, is said to be the real father of the expecting 34-year-old González's child.

According to the radio show Celebridades, González didn't marry her ex boyfriend, Renato, because he wasn't the real father. “Her and Eduardo were always close, especially during the separation, but Susana ended things, and when Renato proposed marriage, she didn't think she would be a very good person if she accepted.

This directly contradicts a statement made by González a few months ago when she confirmed on La oreja (Televisa) that her son's father was Renato, an old boyfriend she started dating again after she broke up with Santamarina.

What surprised many was that the actress returned Renato's engagement ring, and was considering raising her baby as a single mom. “I gave back the ring, because I'm not sure that I want to get married. We're not together as a couple. We don't live together, and we've had to make a lot of adjustments. The most important thing is to be honest, and right now I want to enjoy my pregnancy and relax,” explained the Pasión star.

While there are still lingering doubts and truths to be revealed, Santamarina continues to bask in the success of his most recent soap Yo amo a Juan Querendón, and González has been spending time traveling to and from Mexico City and her hometown of Zacatecas, where she's resting up for the big day.