In the August issue of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, the Cuban-American journalist and her husband, Ulysses Alonso, share exlusive photos of their honeymoon, and talk about their age difference, and their plans to have kids

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 02, 2008
August cover with Myrka Dellanos, portada
Credit: Cortesía de la revista People En Español

In the August issue of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, Myrka Dellanos exclusively reveals the details of her surprise wedding with Cuban-American Ulysses Alonso that shocked the entertainment world. The newlyweds candidly open up about their plans to have kids, and why they chose to wed in such a private ceremony that was only attended by Dellanos' mother and daughter, and Alonso's sister and parents.

The couple also tells us how they first met 10 years ago when Alonso–who was 18 at the time–was just graduated from highschool and when Dellanos was married to her first husband. “I saw her from afar, and I said right there and then, ‘God, would I love to be that guy,'” revealed Alonso about the first time he saw the Cuban-American journalist. However, their paths wouldn't cross until 2007. “He was my exercise buddy, my friend, and I'd tell him, “If you know anybody cute, introduce me to him,” said the ex-anchor of Primer impacto (Univisión) to Alonso, who was helping her get fit after she was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Dellanos says she realized how Alonso felt about her around Thanksgiving, and confesses that she tried to resist him. “I fought it because of our age difference, because our families were friends, and I wasn't expecting it at that time in my life,” admits the 43-year-old, who after two failed marriages, said she would only get married again if the guy was delivered from heaven. And that's how it came to pass. Armed with a quote from the bible (Philistines 4:6), Alonso, 27, formally asked her for her hand in marriage, and Dellanos, moved by the quote and the gesture, accepted, and they set a date soon thereafter.

The rest is history. “Uly gives me a sense of security that I've never felt,” said Dellanos, who confessed that, for now, they don't plan on having kids. The couple also says they have the support of Alexa, Dellanos' 14-year-old daughter. “He's a good person,” says the teen. “He makes my mom happy, and that's what's important.”

The newlyweds posed in an exclusive photo shoot for PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, where they spent their honeymoon in Newport, Rhode Island, and they share their honeymoon photos for the first time.

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