The couple said yes I do despite the havoc caused by hurricane Dean

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 20, 2007
Orlando Garcia/; GETTY IMAGES

It didn't turn out as planned, but there's a happy ending — Carmen Dominicci and Fernando del Rincón are now husband and wife. The wedding took place with some last minute changes, due to the hurricane threat Puerto Rico faced.

“He's mine!,” cried out the 41-year-old journalist when David Valentín declared them husband and wife at the very romantic religious ceremony which took place last Saturday afternoon in the Siesta Alegre Ranch. “Love won out, I am happy,” added the beaming bride. She walked the aisle, strewn with thousands of rose petals, with her son Giuliano Ríos, 17, from a previous marriage to actor Osvaldo Ríos. The groom, Del Rincón, 38 filled with emotion was also beaming at his green-eyed happy wife.

Afterwards the couple celebrated, they threw a huge bash with some 130 guests in attendance, including Giselle Blondet, Karla Martínez, Lucy Rodríguez Bacardí, Wanda Montes, Junior Meléndez and Lizzie Ibarra.

They originally planned a civil ceremony Saturday, but it was cancelled due the inclement weather. The couple opted for a Church wedding on Sunday. Unfortunately, del Rincón's grandfather died three days before the wedding and his father nearly missed the grand event. He made it in the nick of time. Congratulations!