A few months after getting pregnant, the former Miss Universe shares all the details exclusively with Peopleenespanol.com
Alicia Machado

In January, news of Alicia Machado's pregnancy was spreading like wildfire. Radio and TV stations were quick to give their version of who the baby's father was. Maybe it was a singer or an actor, they guessed.

Determined to put an end to the rumors, the former Miss Universe shared all the details of her pregnancy exclusively with our website, and also talked to us about the baby's proud father. “I'm happy,” says Machado, who assures that she'll keep working until her body doesn't allow it. “I'm in a stable relationship.”

Even though Machado chooses not to give the name of her significant other – who is, she reveals, a 48-year-old Mexican businessman – the Venezuelan actress doesn't hold back when it comes to talking about her baby. “Two months ago, he [her boyfriend] suggested we have a child and get married,” she says amidst laughter, adding that she's writing a book for her child that will relate everything that the future parents' day-to-day activities since the baby's conception.

“I think that between my genetics and his, the baby could turn out to be just what I want in a child…I love my boyfriend because he is a noble man, sentimental and a giving person.”

Even though she's engaged, Machado isn't thinking about marriage at the moment. “Not now, because I don't want to do it just for my child. [We'll marry] one day, he [her boyfriend] told me: ‘when the child can carry the train of the dress,'” the singer says. “I've lived alone my whole life. I've never lived with anyone; I've never lived with a significant other. I'm afraid of the routine. I'm doing well. I'm enjoying the pregnancy. I've got all of the support and love of my husband [her boyfriend].”

Maybe Machado isn't prepared to say ‘I do' in front of an altar or a judge, but she is ready to have her baby, who already has toys and tiny outfits waiting for him or her. “I imagine my baby in high school and with perfect clothes, clean, taken care of, polite, a doll,” says the former beauty queen, who's getting ready for a baby shower with friends. “I feel like a complete woman. I don't know if there's anything left for me to do.”