After breaking into the singer's studio, the thieves recognized their victim

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 10, 2008
Alexander Tamargo/Getty images

Singer Alexandre Pires' fame saved him from being robbed and assaulted. According to Associated Press, two armed men broke into the singer's recording studio in Uberlandia, Brazil, snatching up electronic equipment and money. But when they recognized the artist's face, something unusual happened – they gave everything back and asked for an autograph.

The “Lo mejor de tu vida” singer was accompanied by several people – among them his girlfriend Sara – when the incident took place last Monday, but no one in his entourage put up a fight. What could have ended up being a successful robbery ended up being an odd experience for Pires, who gave in to the delinquents' request for an autograph.

Witnesses told the AP that before recognizing 32-year-old Pires, the robbers had taken cell phones and around $350. They didn't leave with the goods, but at least they got to meet their idol.