The Mexican singer and songwriter just recorded a new version of the Australian diva's song "In My Arms", featured on her album X

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 28, 2008
Anuncio; Getty Images

Aleks Syntek continues to make hits and his international fame is growing every day. The Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that the Mexican singer and songwriter just recorded the new version of Kylie Minogue's song “In My Arms”.

“The song is multilingual. I sing some parts in English with her, but all the other verses, I reply to her in Spanish”, said the 38-year-old singer about the new version of the song, entitled “In mi arms”. “There are some parts of the original song and some that I composed and sent to her. She liked them and we did this”.

The song was recorded separately. Therefore, Sytenk and Minogue have actually never met face to face. However, they agreed to perform together when Minogue visits Mexico. “I'm trying to achieve a mutual exchange. I love her music. I would like to support her here with my fan base and get her to promote my music in Europe”, Syntek explained. The singer of “Sexo, pudor y lágrimas” said he planned to conquer the English-speaking market. “My exaggerated pretensions are to do a crossover and perhaps record some of my songs in English”.

Also, a Greek singer asked Syntek for the rights to record his song “Historias de danzón y arrabal” in English. Other big stars that have shown interest in Syntek's songs are Enrique Iglesias and Paulina Rubio. About Rubio, Syntek said: ” I wouldn't say she's a great singer or has a grand voice because that would be a lie. That's not her mayor virtue, but she is a vibrant and passionate girl. She knows what she wants and therefore it's complicated. She's a perfectionist in her craft and when she has an idea, she doesn't give up on it until another one comes along”.