The couple admitted they were guilty of blackmail, threatening their former employer with revealing private facts of his personal life if he did not pay them 500 thousand dollars

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 20, 2008

Alejandro Sanz must feel relieved now that his former employees have pled guilty of extortion. The couple that got the singer involved in a scandalous legal battle, admitted they had demanded 500 thousand dollars in exchange for not disclosing private facts about the singer.

Avoiding trial, Carlos González and Sylvia Helena Alzate reached a settlement with the Circuit Court in Miami, Florida. Televisa Espectáculos reported that Sanz's former employees agreed to complete a short jail sentence. Since 2006, when the Spanish singer accused his employees of blackmail, the couple claimed Sánz was a liar and put his credibility to the test. However incriminating evidence, like recorded telephone conversations, proved they had malicious intent.

The singer once said that what hurt him the most about this incident, was knowing that two people he once trusted had tried to take advantage of him. The couple worked for six years at Sanz's residence in North Bay Road, Miami Beach.

The plea deal specifies that González and his wife will not have a criminal record if they complete a sentence of two year's probation, but are forbidden from approaching the singer or his family ever again.