An impatient Miami judge said the Spanish singer must testify on Oct. 16

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 04, 2007
Alejandro Sanz
Credit: getty images

Alejandro Sanz could face charges if he doesn't appear in court on Oct. 16 to testify in the extortion case against two of his ex-employees. Judge of the Miami-Dade County Court Rosa L. Rodríguez is getting fed up after already having postponed the hearing five times.

“Look, Mr. Volsky [last name of Sanz's lawyer]…let me tell you something…this is not a civil case, it's a criminal case, and in this court people show up to testify, and if they don't, they go to jail,” Rodríguez warned the 38-year-old artist's legal rep.

According to reports, the judge looked annoyed and wasn't taking any excuses. Rodríguez said she's never dealt with a case in which the victim, Sanz in this situation, didn't want to appear in the courtroom.

The accused, Carlos González and Silvia Alzate, who didn't show up for the hearing either, face extortion charges for allegedly asking Sanz to pay them $500,000 to keep quiet about the singer's personal matters. Both deny the accusations.