The Spanish singer talks about how he recuperated after his stress diagnosis in May
Alejandro Sanz
Credit: getty images

Alejandro Sanz, 38, is moving forward with his tour, El tour de los momentos, after doctors recommended he abandon it temporarily for reasons of stress.

“I thought it was something that only happened to Hollywood people, but it looks like it's a condition that affects all humans,” the singer expressed to the Puerto Rican paper El Nuevo Día after being diagnosed with psychological exhaustion. During that time, Sanz underwent psychological and psychiatric therapies and distanced himself from possible tension-causing situations, like the telephone and computer.

“I energized myself like never before and got away a little bit from the problems that we deal with daily in this profession, problems that end up taking over our lives…They taught me to put aside problems through daily therapy and to stay in touch with nature.” Newly invigorated, the singer, who restarted his tour on Aug. 6 in Spain, will perform Oct. 21 in Puerto Rico.