While performing at Madison Square Garden, the Spanish singer hinted that Jennifer López is expecting more than one baby

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 28, 2008
Alejandro Sanz

The Alejandro Sanz concert at New York's Madison Square Garden last Friday attracted an A-list crowd, including Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, her husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, Marc Anthony and his wife Jennifer López. It was a night full of surprises, the greatest of these being when Sanz dedicated a song to JLo and revealed his excitement for the arrival of her children.

Anthony joined Sanz to sing the hit “Corazón partío.” The sight of the two on stage together drove the audience wild, but even more so when JLo's hubby hugged Sanz, then showed his respect for the artist by literally kissing the ground at his feet.

Anthony then left the stage, and Sanz headed to the piano to play “¿Lo ves?.” But before the song began, he surprised everyone by dedicating it to López: “To the most beautiful mother in the world. This is for you both, for your children, those children are blessed,” the 39-year-old singer said in front of a cheering crowd. Even though they haven't confirmed the news, this is just one of various occasions that it's been hinted the Puerto Rican couple will welcome two babies instead of one.

As for other concert news, the Spanish singer looked happy to be back on tour after his difficult year in 2007, both personally and professionally. For now he's enjoying his romance with his former assistant Raquel Pareda, a relationship he confirmed to Peopleenespanol.com.