The singer from Spain states that he is in a South American country "recovering" from psychic fatigue
Alejandro Sanz
Credit: getty images

A lot has been said about the reasons that forced Alejandro Sanz to quit his concert tour El tren de los momentos: from drug-related problems to serious illness. However, the singer took it upon himself to explain and own up to the fact that his personal troubles have taken its toll.

The 38-year old Spaniard said that he decided to interrupt the tour after being diagnosed with stress. “I was feeling tired, unable to communicate with others. During a concert in Mexico I almost fainted, I was gasping for air. It scared me, this never happened before,” he explained in the course of an interview with El país, a daily newspaper from Spain. He stated that his “psychic fatigue” wasn't due to hard work, but due to “previous events,” referring to his separation from Jaydy Mitchel, the discovery that his son was born out of wedlock and the blackmailing attempts by his former employees.

All this is now in the artist's past, who confesses that currently he's in therapy, spending a good part of the day talking to psychologists and doing physical exercise. “I'm in a South American country taking care of myself, healing… it's a question of getting inside my head and work on what they call character defects. I'm also reading books about introspection,” he added. Rest, however, will not last much longer, since the performer of “Corazón partío,” will resume his tour on August 4, when he'll perform in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.