The Spanish singer made the decision after being declared "unwelcome" in the country

By People Staff
Updated February 07, 2008

Alejandro Sanz doesn't dare perform in Venezuela. According to the Spanish singer's press office, his concert scheduled for Valentine's Day in Caracas has been cancelled.

“The decision was motivated by the constant difficulties and inconveniences caused by various Venezuelan authorities, the most recent of these being that they declared [Sanz] a persona non grata,” representatives from the office said in a press release to our website.

Despite the complications, the 39-year-old singer made sure to let his Venezuelan fans know that he hasn't forgotten about them. “Alejandro Sanz profoundly regrets this situation, and he'd like to take a moment to reiterate the enormous respect and affection he has for the Venezuelan community and his loyal fans,” the message reads.

The concert was originally scheduled for the first of November, but it was rescheduled for Feb. 14 because of a financial issue pertaining to the rent of the concert space.

It's no secret that Sanz and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez have had their differences. Three years ago, the singer got on the leader's bad side when he said he disagreed with Chávez's politics, and that he wouldn't sing in the country until he was out of power. It looks like Sanz is putting his money where his mouth is.