October 24, 2007 06:00 PM

After the Venezuelan government cancelled Alejandro Sanz’s Nov. 1 concert at the Poliedro de Caracas, Evenpro, the company that organized the event, said the Spanish singer will in fact take his Tour de los momentos to the Venezuelan capital.

Although it still hasn’t been confirmed where exactly the 38-year-old singer will perform, the company said on their website that “we’re currently negotiating with authorities at the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) Foundation for the university baseball stadium, a venue where we recently presented high-quality shows like Ricky Martin, High School Musical, RBD, Luis Miguel and Maná, among others.”

The government led by President Hugo Chávez cancelled the November show, which had already sold 8,000 tickets, because of a comment the “Corazón partío” singer made in 2004: “I don’t like [Chávez].”

The cancellation was announced almost two months after the leader expressed that foreigners in Venezuela who criticized the government wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the country.

Still, the Venezuelan Education Minister and administrator at the Poliedro venue clarified that the concert “can take place in Venezuela because we don’t have limits here about who can visit our country.”

Tal Vez Te Guste