The show Ventaneando (Azteca América) claims that the Frida Sofía mixed alcohol with pills

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 17, 2008
Alejandra Guzmán
Credit: Agencia México

Alejandra Guzmán was shocked to learn that her daugher Frida Sofía, was admitted into the emergency room in Mexico City for allegedly overdosing on pills and alcohol.

Ventaneando (Azteca América), claims that the “Reina de corazones” singer's daughter, who's 15, ended up in the hospital after partying with friends.

The show also claimed that the young teen who's in Mexico for vacation–she currently live in New York– had her stomach pumped and her body detoxified, and might be hospitalized for a few days.

When the incident ocurred, Silvia Pinal's daughter was on a South American tour, and although it's not clear whether Guzmán will cancel her concert dates to spend time with her daughter, the Mexican media is convinced that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, since Guzmán has also had her own dangerous bouts with alcohol and drugs.