The Mexican rocker sent a letter to the media confirming the operation

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 15, 2007
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She'll be rock and rolling for a long time. That's what Alejandra Guzmán guaranteed after going under a surgeon's scalpel this past weekend when a cancerous tumor was removed from one of her breasts. Fortunately all went well and the 39-year-old Mexican singer is currently recuperating. Upon her complete recovery, she plans to continue taping her new CD.

What follows is a letter the daughter of Silvia Pinal sent to the media via the Company OCESA.

To my audience and my friends in the media:

This past Friday, August 10th I went to the hospital for a routine check up. Unfortunately a tiny 7-millimeter ball was discovered in one of my breasts, it turned out to be cancerous.

I honestly didn't expect it. Fortunately the medical exam was timely and it allowed me to face this reality. Only one percent of cancers are discovered so early.

The tumor was successfully removed and thank God I am well and in recovery.

The experience made me value life, my family, my friends, my work and all your loving care.

When my batteries are recharged I'll be talking loudly to all of you about this experience.

I am grateful for your love, thanks for your concern. I guarantee that there'll be an Alejandra Guzmán for a lot longer and a lot of rockin' for all.


Alejandra Guzmán.