Enrique Guzmán said his daughter and granddaughter are better

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 29, 2008
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After weeks of rumors that Alejandra Guzmán was being detained in rehab for drug abuse at the same time that her daughter, Frida Sofía, was hospitalized for a drug overdose, the two contacted each other and asked one another for forgivness.

Enrique Guzmán explained the news to a Mexican entertainment magazine, saying that his 40-year-old daughter will appear in Querétaro this Thursday.

“I talked to Ale and she told me she had already spoken to her daughter, that they asked each other for forgiveness, and that they're both doing well,” said Silvia Pinal's husband.

Regarding the scandal in which Frida Sophia is kissing one her female classmates, Guzmán explained that “The American girl just left without her luggage or anything. We sent her home, where she should be.”