The singer confessed that the reason she didn't visit her daughter Frida Sofía was because she checked herself into rehab, and now feels like she's in a better place to help her

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 06, 2008
Alejandra Guzmán
Credit: Agencia México

Several days after Alejandra Guzmán reappeared in the public eye, she admitted that she was in a drug rehab center, and not on a South American tour, like her mother and manager had claimed. During her time in rehab, her teenage daughter Frida Sofía, was in the hospital recovering from a drug and alcohol overdose. Guzmán says she's now in a better place to help her daughter.

“I went on my own accord. On August 10, it'll be a year since I was diagnosed with Cancer. I didn't have the same strength, I didn't feel the same, and I realized I needed help. It's not an act that should be frowned upon. It's an act of love, of accepting things the way they are,” said the 40-year-old singer to broadcast journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda on Tras la verdad (Televisa), assuring that she was well aware of what was happening to her daughter the whole time.

“She drank booze and took pills. They pumped her stomach. I had to sign waivers so she could go to therapy to get things out of her system. She spent three week at this place, and I was worried, but everything's fine. It's a hard time, but it's the past, and I want to look forward to the future,” said the rocker, who also had something to say about the pictures of her daughter kissing her female classmate: “Don't you see Madonna kissing Britney on the mouth? Well, it's the same thing. Afterall, that's where Frida started off.”

Silvia Pinal's daugther also said that Frida Sofía was diagnosed as bipolar, which she claims is typical for teens her age, and assures that she'll be close to her daughter so she can give her a more normal life. “When we're young, we're all curious to try new things, to experiment, to live. That's what being young is about. She's learned from the consequences, and the the consequences in this case were intense,” she said.