Por Pía Velasco
Updated Mayo 23, 2016
Longest Pizza
Credit: Guinness World Records

Our wildest pizza dreams came true.

The fairy godmothers of mouthwatering mozzarella and dough landed in Naples, Italy and created a 6,079 ft. long pizza. How, you ask? Why, magic of course! They used five custom-made portable wood fire ovens and rolled them over the entire 1.1 miles of pizza to ensure that it was cooked to delicious perfection.

100 chefs collaborated to make this world record happen. In 11 hours they used 4,400 lbs. of flour, 4,400 lbs. of mozzarella, 3,300 lbs. of sauce, 44 gallons of olive oil, and 66 lbs. of basil to create the best mile on the planet. Seriously though, we'd probably finish this faster than we could run it if we set the goal.

All the ingredients were sourced from local suppliers in the Campania region, appropriately known as ‘the home of pizza,' and once the pizza was completed and the record was set all visitors were able to indulge and slip into sweet Italian food comas.

All of the pizza that was left over was then taken to the Camper Onlus Association, the Italian Red Cross, and to the Chichi di Grano Association in order to make sure that none of this epic deliciousness went to waste.

New life goal: Acquire a portable wood fire oven and make pizza to last a lifetime.

Check out the incredible video below and see how it was done: