The Mexican actress will perhaps star in new version of Mirada de mujer and Señora Isabel for Telemundo
Victoria Ruffo

Victoria Ruffo is ready to make one of the most important decisions of her career. It turns out that the Mexican actress will no longer star as any of the Vizcaíno sisters in the new version of Cadenas de amargura (Chains of Bitterness) for Televisa, and everything indicates that she'll now star as María Inés or Isabel on the new version of Mirada de mujer (View of a Woman)and Señora Isabel (Mrs. Isabel) …for Telemundo! This would mean leaving her home of 30 years, Televisa.

“I can't say anything until the project is finalized, but there is a 98 percent chance that it will happen, I think either next week or in the next two weeks,” the actress, 45, told Mexican newspaper Reforma.

Ruffo would lead the cast of the new version of the telenovela that originally starred Angélica Aragón in Mexico and Judy Henríquez in Colombia, in which the main character is a woman who falls in love with a man much younger than herself, after the life with her current husband becomes impossible.

For the drama, which would be shot in the United States, Arturo Peniche is being considered for the role of the husband, and the names Carlos Ponce, Juan Carlos Bautista, Rodrigo De La Rosa and Víctor González are being thrown around to play her romantic interest. “It's a story that I really like, a great character, very beautiful and real, that can be used to send a message, mostly to women,” Ruffo said.

Although she's mentally prepared to leave Televisa, the La madrastra (The Stepmom) star admitted that she'd reconsider her decision if Televisa requested. “I don't know if they're aware of what's going on, but they haven't asked me to stay. We'll see, but at the moment the talks with Telemundo are going very well. I think that us actors have the right to work on everything if it's possible and if we're called to it,” she remarked.